OMG I Saw "Bloody Mary"

Introduction: OMG I Saw "Bloody Mary"

Are you ready to scream for Halloween? Well here is your biggest scream ever!

Thing you need:

photoshop (cs6) 

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Step 1: Step 1

Go to and select Open Pixlr express (Efficient) choose webcam and take a picture of yourself with you mouth open 

Step 2: Step 2

Open photoshop and open your image. 
Right click on your background layer and duplicate it 

Step 3: 3

Make sure you on the copy layer. Select the marquee tool and select it on the mouth. then go to edit and content aware scale and click and drag a desired size 

Step 4: 4

Then click on select and then inverse, then press delete on your keyboard 

Step 5: 5

hit control + D or command + D for the mac.
Then click new mask layer 

Step 6: 6

Choose the paint brush tool and choose the color black, set the brush in a desired size and a opacity of 0 

Step 7: 7

Finally , paint or brush off things you don't need with your mouse.
When your done rearrange it if you wish. Take the move tool and move it 
And that's it your done! now you have the biggest scream that you can compete with your friends! 

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