OMG the Kitchen Table Became My Desk





Introduction: OMG the Kitchen Table Became My Desk

About: I am a designer and a developer from Italy. Currently I live in Berlin

It all started with IKEA Ingo
t is a very cheap real wood table. I think it is one of the best IKEA products.

It is filed as a kitchen table, and that's true. But I really like wood, and I really like minimalism, so why don't use it as a desk?

Step 1: Proof of Concept

I always recommend people to sketch up their thoughts before starting DIY projects.
So here is my sketch about how I would my desk to look. I made it in blender.

On the right side I placed my audio equipment (a soundcard and a synth).
On the left side I placed my (closed) laptop.

Step 2: The Headphone Holder

This is from IKEA, it is a wall clothes holder but it works perfectly to hold my headphones :)

Step 3: The Shelf

The shelf over the desk is quite simple, I made it using wood.
Fix the shelf using screws.
Very minimal, very simple, very good.

Step 4: The Cables Holes

I have made a couple of big holes to let me hide the laptop cables.
To make the holes better looking, I used some popular Italian can caps.
Oh, I wanted something which could keep balance the cables. The caps were perfect for that.

Step 5: The Poor Man Speaker Stand

I made some poor man speaker stand using a marker and some Velcro.

Step 6: The Power Button

I hadded a power button simply substituting the standard one of a power strip.
I wanted a nicer one ;)



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    sorry just came off :)


    2 years ago

    what a beaut! I like your table stand. will do one like that myself!

    just a few notes about electrical safety with this set up - make sure the switch, and any connecting wires used. ideally, for safety reasons, a 2-pole switch should be used, and you should insure that it is rated to handle at least double the standard voltage in your country (US voltage = 110 , pretty much everywhere else (AFAIK) uses around 230 V ). there's nothing to stop you doing it differently, but please be careful - electricity can and will kill you if are not careful.

    3 replies

    It belongs here, as OP used a switch to turn on/off the power strip in the last picture :)

    Those pens will still transfer bass frequencies from the speakers to your desk. I'd invest in some proper foam stands.

    1 reply

    Or you could cut down some mouse mats and place them under the speakers. I use some old thick glossy car magazines, they do the job perfectly

    We have the same blonde in our room

    Nice. My concern would be the height of the keyboard unless you saw the legs and open a place for the knees.

    Thank you this gives me a great idea for those who sew or do crafts. I purchased a tall dining take to cut my patterns on, it comes with a leaf that I have to store in the closet, I am going to use it in the back of the table as a shelf as you did here.and while cutting fabric it can hold my small containers and scissors etc. Genius...I wish I had thought of this...Thank you.

    Wouldn't those tin lids eventually cut the wires?

    Nice setup and I really like the simplicity. Function = Beauty.

    1 reply

    I used a lot of sandpaper on those.
    Anyway, if your cables are not "hair", there is not any problem.

    Thank you sir

    This is cool, thanks for sharing. I'm unclear on a few things, could you clarify?

    1 - Why do you need to lift the speakers above the desk surface, was there vibration?
    2 - What does it mean to attach the shelf "with wires"? I couldn't figure out the connection mechanism