Introduction: ONE LEAF CLOVER


At first glance, it seems elegant and seamless. The spoon-like curve on the side opens towards the center. One end stretches like a ribbon, turning slightly along its length. It forms a complimentary curve oriented at at an angle, a slanted mirror image. Stretching along, it ends where it begins, bound to another half. Two together make a sturdy hull with wings on the side, a clover leaf.

With two lengths of plastic and some work, it might show up on your desk.

Your very own clover leaf.

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Step 1: FIND

Two strips of plastic or metal are needed to make it.The material should be durable and of appropriate thickness to allow bending. There should be pegs on one face or side of the strip. They are needed to hold the shape. If no peg-ended ribbons are available, tape or thread can be used.

Step 2: BEND

One right-bent strip and one left-bent strip form the two leaves and hull.

To make one part, start by laying out a strip. Bend it to form a spiral with two levels. The pegs should be facing each other.

Step 3: SNAP

Pull the ends and lock the pegs together.

Repeat with the other strip with one difference. Make the two level band with an anti-complimentary twist. If one band was wound clockwise, the other should be wound anti-clockwise and vice versa. After winding 'anti-complimentarily', snap the ends together.

Step 4: BIND & PACK

When the two parts are made, snap the locked ends together using a bond like a basket-weave. Pack the two hulls into one. At this point you can use glue or thread for greater strength.

The clover leaf is done.

Step 5: DONE

Show off or use.

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