OO Scale to HO Scale Coupler Carriage



Hi there This instructable is on how to create a way to convert your HO model trains to OO scale, or vise versa. -MATERIALS- To complete this project you will need- -HO knuckle coupler - OO coupler equipped carriage -pliers - super glue -Small vice (optional) -persistance! (Mandatory)

Step 1: Collecting Vitals

From the scrap pile The carriage i used to convert my set was an old Hornby maintenance caboose that i bought at a school fete. It is better to have a OO carriage to convert, but any will work.

Step 2: Getting to Work

Ro begin the conversion, we start by removing the old OO scale coupler on one end if the Carriage. I did this with a good pair of long nosed pliers. Try not to damage the carriage!

Step 3: HO Time!

Now, the important (and slightly frustrating!) bit. Ready your super glue and your HO coupler as this bit involves both. First, squeeze a few drops of glue onto the place where the old coupling was then place the new coupler in the exact position of the original. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry then apply a few more drops of glue.

Step 4: Almost Done.....

When your glue is almost dry (be careful- fingers might stick!) check the alignment of the coupler as it may have moved. When the glue is dry, you are done! I waited a few minutes before use, just to allow full glue cure.

Step 5: Done!

You have now finished your HO to OO scale converter wagon!



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