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Introduction: OOey Gooey Puke Worthy Zombie Shoes

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How do I top Zoltar? (https://www.instructables.com/id/Zoltar-Speaks/)

Not easily I can tell you, But this year I am going as a zombie, and no not some black make-up and some fake blood zombie, i am going all out, and in the progress have enough material for 5 more instructables!

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Step 1: Sneakers

This one is for the Footwear part of the costume...
I went and bought a pair of white used sneakers at my local goodwill ($10) and first I stained them using coffee grounds and sandpaper to scuff them up, and to dirty them.

Then started drilling holes in them where i was going to burn them
BURN THEM???? -- yup - It ain't a sport till someone gets hurt.. And a warning

You will be cutting, burning, drilling, boiling hot water, and blooding up these sneakers, make sure none of it is your own blood! Work outside with a blow torch, have water near by, burning rubber / plastic fumes are toxic do NOT WORK INDOORS on this.

You still here! Welcome brave soul!

First you need a pair of cheap white sneakers, make sure you get them a size or two larger then your foot,

You will need room for your foot and 'effects' in the shoe, also you want it to be a bit awkward, a touch loose, after your a zombie, not a fashion plate

Step 2: FLAME ON!

I used a step ladder, a paint stirrer stick, a hand held torch (they sell at any home improvement store, usually used for plumbing work / welding) and applying small amounts of flame, started burning into the holes I drilled,

Remember you want to keep the burn holes on the OUTSIDES (the walls) of your sneaker, No one will see any real burn on the inside.

Then using another paint stir stick, I pulled away at the burnt rubber, till the hole was big enough, you can hose down the sneaker while your working, once you hit it with flame, the area will dry out and will start burning again.

Make sure you remove the shoelaces, and fold the tongue of the sneaker inside, you can spot distress them later.

Step 3: Toesies

I wanted a real dramatic hole by the toe area, so I went and put the sneaker on my chop saw, and cut off about 3" of the sneaker, Being careful to leave the bottom part intact, if you miss any, you cut it out with a carpet knife,

You want the hole to be big enough to "show" your toes, But not big enough that you can't walk in them.

I bought these "Zombie feet booties" on eBay for $12, there made to fit over your shoe, but there rubber and easily trimmed to fit inside your sneaker.

Using hot glue (THIS IS WHERE I INJURED MYSELF) glue them inside the sneaker, so the zombie toes align with the outside of the sneaker, being the sneaker is larger then your foot, you don't need to worry about your own feet not fitting in, remove the insole while your gluing, and make sure you clean out all residue etc, to your foot fits in comfortably.

Step 4: Blood BLOOD Everywhere!!!!

OK, everything nice and dry?

First I took a spray bottle (again, home depot) and putting the setting on a 'mist' I sprayed the sneaker, with 'vampire blood' sometimes letting it hit with a splatter so the 'blood' would trickle down.

The rubber parts of the sneaker, the blood won't stick, don't worry we are just adding 'personality' to the sneaker at this point, make sure you spray the shoelaces, and any place there is cloth exposed, do not SOAK the sneaker in blood, by the time your done it will look plenty bloody!

After that dries, boil yourself a pot of water, have some tea, enjoy life.. then use about 2 cups of BOILING water into a cup and SOAK your bottle of Mehron 3-D Gel , (This is BY FAR the best Blood effect I have ever worked with) till its nice and runny, PUT DOWN CARDBOARD, and your sneakers on top of the cardboard

From 6' up in the air start DRIPPING the gel onto the sneakers, your gonna miss (that's what the cardboard is for) concentrate on the burned holes, and drip blood around them, use a small stick and smear the gel around the holes to get a better effect, you can use as much or as little as you want, to your taste in gore.

be careful, this stuff hardens -- so avoid the laces..

Step 5: The Finished Product

Hows it looking? HAPPY?

for the inside of your holes you can just color your foot, or wear a sock with blood splotches on it, you can be as creative as you want, Remember the devil is in the details.

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