“OPTIMUS ROBO” means a robot can effectively use for different works and can perform various functions at a time.

“OPTIMUS ROBO” consist of four different parts assemble on vehicle





PICK & PLACE ARM :- This is the FOUR motor-driven robot arms. Since the arm has a few joints, we can imagine our human arm in addition to shoulder, elbow, wrist & coupled with the finger joints. It is assembled on moving vehicle i.e.(tank). It can be used for picking the object and place wherever we want it.

WOOD-CUTTER :- As everyone know that cutter which is use to cut the wood, which are useful for cutting different type of wood from surrounding (under thickness 3 mm) which is helpful for mankind for their respective works. Wood cutter consist of one cutter blade, gears & its mechanisms, motor (1000 RPM), bearing parts.

VEHICLE (TANK) :- Vehicle give’s an perfect mounting for all sub-parts of ROBO. vehicle is important part in “OPTIMUS ROBO” due to their movement along with all component it provide flexibility for working parts. Tank can rotate at 360 degree at same position.

REMOTE CONTROL :- Which controls the system of “OPTIMUS ROBO” with the help of limit switches, connection of wire is done from remote control to ROBO. This remote control is operated by human to do specific work

Step 1: Construction of TANK

Working Requirement:-

1. Electricity connection :-

12V 1.3 Ampere Power Supply



Plywood of 400x300mm is cut by hex-saw.

Plywood is cut in shape of ‘I’.

4 Nos. of D.C. Motors are clamped below the four corner of plywood at the same height.

4 Nos. of wheels are attached to each of the motor.

3 Nos. bearings are fitted by nuts & bolts on both sides to avoid the slipness & to get the grip to the wheels.

Belts are mounted on two wheels on both the sides.

Step 2: Construction of CUTTER

Cutter :-

On the front side of the tank the wood cutter is attached with helical gear mechanism.

Motor of 1000rpm is clamped by nut & bolt.

Large helical gear is attached to motor.

Small helical gear is attached to wood cutter.

The wood cutter is supported by shaft at two ends.

Larger gear & small gear are engaged with each to rotate the cutter which helps to increase the speed of cutter.

Step 3: Construction of PICK & PLACE ARM

Pick & place arm:-

On the opposite side to the cutter pick & place arm mechanism is attached by 3.5 rpm D.C. motor which is attached to the plywood, perpendicular such that the rotation of pick & place arm will be 180 degree.

On the moving plywood two clamps are fitted by nut & bolt which supports the shoulder

D.C. motor of 10 rpm is clamped to moving plywood which is perpendicular to

clamp the warm gear is attached to the shaft of D.C. motor which helps to move the

shoulder up & down by warm & spur gear mechanism.

In the same way of shoulder elbow is fitted at the end of the shoulder to the end of

elbow 10rpm D.C. motor is clamped to the function of gripping.

Power screw is attached to the D.C. motor which act as closing & opening the gripper

shape of gripper is like ‘x’

Step 4: Electrical Connection

Electrical connection:-

Battery is attached below the tank.

Electrical Circuit is fitted above the tank at the centre through which 16 colour band wire is given to the remote in which 6 limit switch & one On-Off switch is fitted & these wires are connected to switches to perform their function



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    2 years ago

    It is so aswom and cool project can i get it

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Looking in to this further, your ".pdf" files are very well done. Nice detail and use of color layering. If this does not win you something, I will be very disappointed in the judging process. Again, nicely done.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    This looks like you built most every piece from the tracks up from scratch, save wires, battery and motors. Outstanding job. Now this is construction at the base level. When it comes to documentation, be sure to photo each separate step, piece by piece then write it up as if talking to a five year old, (because sometimes you are). Very nice job, thanks for sharing.

    1 reply
    Sasa mogami

    2 years ago

    Can you please give more details about the pick and place arm

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    This is a great looking robot, very nicely done!

    1 reply