About: I appreciate the art of folding paper and various art forms that can be created. I want to share the models that can be folded, design and animate with this form of artistic expression. I am also interested ...

Paper Type: Recycling old reports.
Preparation time: Do not take the time.

For this model was used miura pattern around the circle and merged the remaining vertical section with a fold inverted hexagonal accordion with patterns based on a quadrilateral parallelogram and isosceles triangle

Difficulty: The design of the folding pattern was difficult to calculate because you must complete a circle. When folding the paper should be careful not to damage the central part has horizontal folds with vertical folds.
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Tipo de papel: Sigo reciclando trabajos de la universidad XD
Tiempo de elaboracion: No cronometrado

Para este modelo se utilizo el patron de celda miura alrededor de un circulo y se fusiono la seccion vertical restante con un doblez tipo acordeon de hexagono invertido con patrones basados en un cuadrilatero paralelogramo y triangulo isosceles

Dificultad: El diseÃ�±o del patron de pliegue fue dificil de calcular debido a que debe completar una circunferencia. Al momento de plegar el papel se debe tener cuidado de no daÃ�±ar la parte central que tiene pliegues horizontales con los pliegues verticales.
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