About: I appreciate the art of folding paper and various art forms that can be created. I want to share the models that can be folded, design and animate with this form of artistic expression. I am also interested ...

My first video on the art of paper folding. Cup 3D. Inspired in the use of origami tessellation

Fold Type: MIURA
Paper Type: Bond 80 grams

If they can please subscribe and comment here and youtube channel. thanks. (I hope to do, video tutorials and instrutables)

Mi primer video en el arte de la papiroflexia. Copa 3D. Inspirado en el uso de origami de teselacion

Tipo de Pliegue: MIURA
Tipo de papel: Bond 80 gramos

Si pueden favor suscribirse y comentar aqui y en el canal youtube. Gracias. (Espero poder realizar, videotutoriales y instrutables)

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    :) Thanks very much appreciate the comment. I like folding paper. I do not speak English so I helped with google translate and I apologize for any errors.

    Designing the crease pattern is a bit complicated, but for the realization of the physical model only requires patience and desire to finish. I hope to learn more and get on with these videos.