About: I appreciate the art of folding paper and various art forms that can be created. I want to share the models that can be folded, design and animate with this form of artistic expression. I am also interested ...

Paper Type: Recycling old reports.
Preparation time: I get tired after the 4th hour. So I decided to finish it slowly, working 2 hours per day. (Some calculations required about 9 hours straight)
At the top: miura pattern.
At the bottom: inverted hexagonal pattern
On the central: modified crease pattern Waterbomb.

If they can please subscribe and comment here and youtube channel. thanks. (I hope to do, video tutorials and instrutables)

Tipo de Papel: Reciclando informes viejos.
Tiempo de elaboracion: me canse despues de la 4ta hora. Entonces decidi terminarlo despacio, trabajando 2 horas por dia. (Aproximadamente calculo que se requieren unas 9 horas seguidas)
En la parte superior: patron miura.
En la parte inferior: patron hexagonal invertido
En la parte central: patron modificado de waterbomb

Si pueden favor suscribirse y comentar aqui y en el canal youtube. Gracias. (Espero poder realizar, videotutoriales y instrutables)

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