OSCAR Shaped 3D Printed Flash Drive With Key Ring

About: We, together sister and brother, run a family owned business. We print personalised usb flash drives and keychains. This manufactory is settled in Hungary, Europe. We provide worldwide delivery.

At customflashdrive.co.uk we have launched a 3d print your own section, where you can download the stl files for a couple of euros. Still I am trying to share some stl files of these name flash drives here and there for free.

Step 1: Set Up Your 3D Printer

I recommend the following cura settings:

layer height / resolution: 0.2 mm

wall thickness: 0.8 mm

infill: 15%

no support is needed

combing enabled

Here in the stl file, which is already repaired, there is an extra key ring. So it is slightly different.

Step 2: Choose Usb Memory Stick

At http://customflashdrive.co.uk we are referring to an amazon site where you can find a memory stick which suits perfectly to the hole.



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