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Ladies and gentlemen. With Great pride. I present to you... The Oh-Shit-Now-James-Can-Kick-My-Ass-Even-Harder!

Just recently, my neighbour, good friend and assistent Warking71 and my nephew Joep and some other neighbours of my had an all-out knex war outside. Unfortunately, Joep doesn't have any knex, so we quickly made an improvised block trigger. We had great fun, but Joep didn't score a single hit. Obviously the block trigger was inferior to our 8 shot revolvers, bolt actions, and oodammo repeaters. So, next day my nephew came again to visit me, and we immediatly made hack 124x768's OSNJCKMA2 in case we would have a knex war again. Both my nephew and I were satisfied by the results.

Today, I looked back at the OSNJCKMA2. I looked at the ram... It was only a yellow rod's length long. Then I thought like; why didn't Hack made it longer? Longer ram = more power, right? So I broke it apart in 4 components, and lengthened the gun. I also added bands to the pump. I addded a simple bipod, a better trigger, a double pin guide to keep the ram more stable, and I allowed a function for the pump-haters to use it like a bolt action. It's range was very satisfying: 17 meters flat (55.7 feet) And I call it... The OSNJCKMAEH!

I do not know if I will post it, but I think I will, if there are enough comments. This is how I would rate its usefulness:

War gun: Close quarters: 7. It's great firerate make it an excellent weapon in the close quarters, but a smaller weapon would be apreciated.
War gun: Long range: 4. It's range is good, but it can't equal snipers or battle rifles.
War gun; All round: 9. Mid range attacks, rapid fire, a mid/size mag and a medium size make it a great "Assualt rifle" style balanced gun; an excellent primary weapon.
Fun gun: 8. Pumps are great fun, and the bipod is also cool.

And that's all folks! Tell me what you think!



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. More mods will be up soon, and instructions if you want me to.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yup, where the OSNJCKMA2 was more of a carbine in size, this one is a very long battle rifle. Hey, you're the guy who made the original, right?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! The range is what makes this gun stand out. I now have an even better vesion, thanks to odin6616. My new version has a stock, better handle, and a larger magazine. (not odin6616's magazine, but a rapid-reload side loading magazine.) Pictures will be up soon.

    cool bas3KnexFreek

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    He says:"and I allowed a function for the pump-haters to use it like a bolt action. It's range was very satisfying: 17 meters flat (55.7 feet) And I call it... The OSNJCKMAEH!"