About: This part used to be full of crap but I finally deleted all of it. I'm Tigernod. I'm a student from North Brabant. You are all awesome and I love you. <3

A few weeks ago, I posted my OSNJCKMA2 mod, the OSNJCKMAEH. The gun was very well recieved, and I decided to make full instructions. However, I still wasn't quite satisfied with a few things, and as soon as DJ radio stated the "Mother of all mods" knex challenge, I improved my original design even further. The result is the Oh Shit Now James Can Kick My Ass Even Harder, I Mean, Seriously Dude, Like Never Before (Be4).

All of the changes are listed here:

-Black (grey) rod firing pin (instead of a yellow one).
-Sturdier build.
-Stock. (Credit for this part goes to Shane0317)
-More comforatble handle. (Not the best, but a lot better then the old one.)
-Trigger mod; is more reliable and can hold more bands.
-Dual firing pin guide.
-More effecient rubber band mounts. (Can hold 4 rubber bends without decreased reliability.)
-More Stable pump.
-Crappy iron sights. (Hey, it's still better then nothing!)

This knex gun has won the first prize in the seventh Random Knex Challenge, formerly hosted by Hiyadudez, now hosted by DJ Radio. This knex gun has more range then the Cathalist Mini Launcher while being roughly 15 times smaller! :-D I hope you are impressed!

PS: Cretdit to Hack124x678 for the original. Credit to Shane0317 for the stock. Credit to Infinnion for the handle. Credit to BakenBitz (AKA "Atlas") and Mepain for the turret.



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    Allright, allright, calm down! ;-)

    I'm glad you are so excited about it. Basically what I did is I broke the original in a half, straight through the middle, and I removed the pin and replaced it with a longer black pin. Then I added two more pin guides and placed the rubber bands elsewhere. Then I removed the magazine, replaced it with a turret, and added the stock and handle. It's that simple.

    Strange.... Everything works fine when I click it. What country do you live in? Because that might be the reason.

    Hm... The video I wanted to show you was (very) British. I heard that the English and Irish don't have a fairly good band with eachother (though I'm not entirely sure about that) , so that might be the reason it's blocked. Try swithching your Youtube Launguage settings to British or American, maybe that will work.

    It was not very important though.

    Now that's just odd. Why is that video blocked? Try switching the launguage filter to Dutch then. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

    That's not exactly what I meant to say... Um, have you heard the news on that car bomb in northern Ireland yesterday? That was what I meant to say. Ireland and England are from a political point of view not so good friends, but that doesn't mean an Irsishman and an Englishman cant be friends.

    k, i was born in england, the moved too ireland for 13 years of my life.....k....