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Hello I made an Instructables a while ago and I forgot to make an updated for the WS2812B RGB. Sorry. This project will build on top of https://www.instructables.com/id/Osu-Keyboard-with-Arduino-Uno/

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Step 1: Adding the WS2812B RGB

I bought a strip of WS2812B on Ebay and cut off the last four leds. I solder the 5v together, the Ground together and daisy chained from pin 11 to Din down all leds. I hot glued the first two leds to the bottom and two underneath the gateron switches. I also added a small push button to change modes and connected it to pin 2 and 3.

Step 2: Feets

In the previous project I used rubber feets and they slid around as I was playing. I removed the feet and replaced them with double sided tape. I used this Scotch Restickables. They work much better and I just need to wipe them with a little bit of water to clean dust. However because the tape makes the box not as tall, the RGB leds on the bottom are no longer visible.

Step 3: Code

This is the code that I wrote that has the modes: Cycle, Reactive, Rainbow, BPM, and off. For Reactive I can change the color by holding the mode button and then I can chose the buttons color by holding gateron buttons until keyboard cycles to color of your chose.

After a while I noticed that I only use the Cycle mode so I made a simpler code with only that mode and also didn't use the bottom leds.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Excuse me, can i ask the link where to buy it ? I dont know which one, there are too many WS2812B type when i search in ebay

    1 answer