OXO Game - 'Four in a Row' Game

Introduction: OXO Game - 'Four in a Row' Game

The games


You each take turns turning a cube and make sure you first have OXO

'Four in a row'

2-player game, you can choose between red and yellow.

The first person can flip a cube from his chosen color. Afterwards the other person can also flip a cube.

The purpose is to make a line from your own color by turning the cubes.

What do you need ?

16 cubes of 40mm to 40mm (can also increase / decrease) in wood

4 aluminum rods of 200mm

A bandsaw

2 bars to attach between the four rods


Drilling machine

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Step 1: Step 1 : Saw the Cubes

Saw the cubes into 16 equal pieces.

In this case, a beam is used with a length of 2100mm and a thickness of 40mm

Step 2: Step 2: Make the Holes

If the cubes are cut, a hole can be drilled in the sides of the cubes.

The size of the hole depends on the thickness of the aluminum rods.

Step 3: Step 3 : Push Cube on the Rods

After the rods are cut into pieces of 200 mm, the cubes can be pushed onto the rods.

Between each cube a roundel is stopped in order to keep some space between the cubes.

Step 4: Step 4 : Drill Holes in the Beams

You need to make 4 holes in the beams in which the aluminium rods are fixed.

You have to drill these holes with a smaller drill as before, so that the rods aren't able to move anymore.

Step 5: Step 5: Stuck the Bars Between the Beams

When you have slid the four cubes over the rod, it can be put firmly in the first beam.

When all the bars are stuck in the first beam, the 2nd beam can be attached to the rods.

Step 6: Step 6: Draw the Games on the Cubes

We'll make the games OXO and "four in a row".

The shape of the letter 0 and the letter X are cut out of cardboard, so there is then an aerosol.

You can color the aerosls with a marker on the cubes.

For ''Four in a row'' we need to cut 16 red and 16 yellow circles and glue them on the cubes.

Step 7: The Result

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I've never played "four in a row". Growing up my tic-tac-toe games were always 3x3. I still love your build!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the thorough instructions! Looks like a fun project!