Oak Bedroom Set With a "TWIST"

Introduction: Oak Bedroom Set With a "TWIST"

In this Instructable I am going to show you my oak bedroom set that I made and how I made the spiral legs on my bed. The plans for this set are from WOOD Magazine, with the exception of the bed frame which is based on the plans but I changed the original tapered pencil-posts in the plans to spiral bed post.

Step 1: Oak Dresser and Nightstand

Here I added some photos of my dresser, nightstand, valet, and mirror that I made. I changed the drawer joints to wavy dovetails using a jig to make them.

Step 2: How to Make Spiral Legs

First I glued up oak boards to the sizes I needed for the legs. Then I cut the mortises, drilled holes, and the tapered bottoms on the legs. Then to make them round, I made a router jig because they where too long for the lathe. After that, I laid out the spiral lines on the legs and then drilled holes along the lines, to work as a depth gauge. Then I used an angle grinder to grind the spiral in each bed post. After they were grinded, I sanded the legs smooth. I also turned some decorative pieces for the top of the posts on the lathe (which was my first time using the lathe). Then I hung the legs up and stained and polyurethane them.
The credit for this spiral process goes to St Pierre Woodworking with their video on this process:
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    5 years ago

    It's Too bad you don't make these and sell them, Because I Simply Love your Work. : )