Oak Coaster With Personalized Image (Laser Cut)



Oak Coaster with laser cut image on both sides. (made at TechShop San Francisco)
I completed SBU Laser Cutting class at TechShop and wanted to make something that could use my new skills and include some personalized artwork from PhotoCrafts by Mimi Daly.

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Step 1: Artwork Added to Coaster Design Using Adobe Illustrator

Artwork created in Adobe illustrator which is compatible with TechShop EPILOG laser cutters.

I used layers used to separate the Vector & Raster images for cutting and etching print runs.
Selecting PhotoCopy raster effect to create a clean black/white image to improve definition of the laser image.

Note: The vector image was duplicated so I could use a lower power setting that would run twice with minimal burning (using 1/4 Inch Oak)
See added copy of Laser setting for vector cut and raster image.

Step 2: Testing Raster Image

I ran the raster only in print mode to check the image quality on some spare material.

Step 3: Vector Cutting Image - Coaster

Running the vector cut twice to reduce power (65%) and avoid burn marks on oak material worked well.

I also tested with adding images on alternate sides of the coaster -
Using the remaining material as a template to replace each coaster and add a raster image to opposite sdes.

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