Obama-esque Costume


Introduction: Obama-esque Costume

The premise comes from the 2008 Obama campaign made famous by Obey t-shirt artist Shepard Fairey. It is an easy, clever costume which looks great in photos and in person.

All that is needed is red, white, and blue face paint. And construction paper for the sign.

1. I first made outlines with a pen on my face, using the original Obama photo
2. Filled in the corresponding areas with either, dark blue, blue, light blue, or red paints.
-to apply the paint i used a small paintbrush for the more intricate and smaller areas, and the rest i applied with my fingers
3. For the sign, i cut out letters to read whatever you want. (I used "progress" on the front and "drunk" on the back lol) Then i taped it to my tie. I suppose some string and a couple hole punches would do the job as well.

Pretty straight-forward, but I got a lot of compliments (and stares) from the halloween parties I went to.
ps. they have face paints that wont stain, but its better to just wear a shirt that you don't care too much about!



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    Very cool. Even though it seems simple to you, I bet a lot of folks could benefit from a step-by-step about how you applied the make-up!

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