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Introduction: Obelisk Board Game V2

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Obelisk is a cooperative, tower defense, strategy game for 2 - 5 players. Game play takes around 40 minutes. Defend your kingdom from monsters appearing from a nearby portal. Change the path the monsters walk by rotating map tiles. Place towers (dice) and use them to capture monsters as they wander around the map. Use the captured monsters to buy powerful tower upgrades which allow you to capture bigger monsters! Capture all the monsters before they escape!

Previously we release of the Laser Cut version of Obelisk. This past week we Published Obelisk on theGameCrafter.com. In conjunction with that, we are giving you another Print and Play version of the game right here! Print out at and start playing today!

This is what You'll need to get started:


A color printer,

Six Sided Dice from your closet or local game shop,

Eight Pieces of 8.5x11" card stock paper for the cards and manuals,

Fifty small red, purple, and yellow things,

A small box to put the game in when you're done,

An Old Sock (well aged).

Step 1: Magic With Printers

There are four sheets of map tiles, two sheets of player guides, and one sheet of rotation tokens that you will need to print out in color. We've attached them all in a single .pdf file above so you print them all out at once. This is a single sided print, we're not including any of the art for the back of the tiles.

After you're done printing, apply scissors to get 3.5x3.5" tiles along with 1" round rotation tokens.

If you don't want to cut out the round tokens, grab 22 small round items from around the house and use those instead of the tokens we included.

The Game Manual is a two sided .pdf that also needs to be printed. It is available as a free download from theGameCrafter.com

If you want a jumbo version of the manual you can find it at the bottom of our Deluxe Version Page.

Step 2: Finding Things Around the House

Now that you have your map, player guides and manual, we need to find monsters and dice, ideally from items lying around the house.

Scavenge dice from some old games. If you want your dice to match your player guides, which makes it slightly easier to tell which dice belong to which player, acquire the following dice colors from your local game store:

  • 2x Green
  • 2x Blue
  • 2x Red
  • 2x Purple
  • 2x Black

Now that we have dice, we also need small red, purple, and yellow things that are roughly the same size and shape. These will be our monsters that will run around the board and try to escape. LEGOs will do fine for this as long as you can find the right colors. I ordered my monsters online:

  • 18x Small Red Things
  • 18x Small Purple Things
  • 14x Small Yellow Things

Step 3: Finishing Touches

The last two things we'll need is a small box to put the project in when we are done, and most importantly, an old sock.

The old sock is essential. The monsters will get put in this sock during the game which will get them really worked up and agitated and ready to escape. Monsters are randomly drawn during the game so you need the old sock to prevent you from seeing which monsters you're picking. This is also one of the key reasons why we want the monsters to be the same shape, so you're fingers can't tell the difference between the monsters of different colors.

Step 4: Ready to Play!

Now that you have all the piece parts together, you're ready to play! Just watch our "how to play" video or follow the manual and you'll be off to defending the world from monsters in no-time!

If you don't want to go through all the effort of making your own game and you just want to play it already, consider buying a copy made by theGameCrafter.com.

Happy Gaming!

-Eliot & Azzy-

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