Dropping Drone

Introduction: Dropping Drone

Now a days drone is use in every field like Videography, Small Object dropping, IN army for surveillance etc. This is the Object Dropping Drone. By using this drone you can drop objects like Chocolate, Flowers,Colors etc. To make this drone few basic things required. Here by this I will tell you how to make this drone. Well you can use this drone in party's, Picnics, Public place, Christmas party etc.

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Step 1: Require Things

Step 2: Quad Copter Setup

Set Quad copter flight controller as given instruction.

Once you connect all wire of ESC, Motors etc. with the QQ Thunder. Do not Connect propeller right now.

Connect ESC and Reciver.

  • Connect receiver 3rd Channel to THR channel of QQ Thunder.
  • Connect Receiver 4th channel Signal pin to R. channel of QQ Thunder.
  • Connect Receiver 1st channel Signal pin to A. channel of QQ Thunder.

  • Connect Receiver 2nd channel Signal pin to E. channel of QQ Thunder.

Diagram Image is there check from it.

set gain port in between 25% to 50%. for beginner. Later on you can change it as per your requirement.

Video Link 1 Intro to QQ Thunder Flight Controller Board.

Video Link 2 Intro to QQ Thunder Flight Controller Board.

For Connection Refer this link. (Check 3rd photo in link)

Thank you Hobbyking and firestartergmh for this video.

Thank You Paweł Spychalsk from https://quadmeup.com

Step 3: Create Storage Box

Create Storage Box by using Cardboard as per Images.

Step 4: Fitting Servo

Put servo as per Image. And also put thread around wood and fix its one end with storage box gate & other one with servo shaft.

Step 5: Filling Box

Fill storage box with pics of paper to test. once test replace paper with your actual item.

Step 6: Ready to Use....!!!!

See video of this.

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    3 years ago

    Very cool!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Dropping box plz


    Reply 2 years ago

    It is upto your frame you can made your own using corocatted sheet.


    3 years ago

    good project