Oblivitus' DD-27 Pistol V2.1 Super Pistol Mod




About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

Intro: Oblivitus' DD-27 Pistol V2.1 Super Pistol Mod

K'nex Gun Name: DD-27 v2.1 mod

Description: This mod adds side panels, sights, and trigger covers as well as changes the handle, barrel, and a little of the trigger of this gun. This is a pretty powerful and accurate gun.

Influences: The DD-27 pistol is a gun that was designed by Jollex.

Power: 8/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Rate of Fire: 5/10 (cock, load, fire)

Size: 13"(inches)x5"(inches)
Capacity: 1 round

Features: Sights, Realistic Trigger, "Bullet-Locking"
Flaws: The handles connection to the gun is a little weak.

1: DD-27 Super Pistol Mod
2: DD-27 v2.1

Step 1: Pictures of the Mods

My version of this gun fires yellow/gray rods. I realize that I have provided only a minimal number of pictures of the gun for modifying Jollex's design so if you can't figure out a part of it than just go to his DD27 v2.1 instructable.

1: The Gun With Panels Removed
2: Trigger Mech
3: Back Of The Gun
4: The Top Piece Of The Trigger
5: Bottom View
6: Top View

Step 2: Need Help?

Message me if you get confused!



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    96 Discussions

    ant ant 33

    9 years ago on Introduction

    looks great. could u post instuctions like with the beast pistol (which i made and is great). have you got instructions for a gun with a power rating of 8+

    1 reply
    Oblivitusant ant 33

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I won't be posting new instructions for this, it isn't a very good gun. I suggest either building the Ultra Pistol or waiting for my new Ultra Pistol 2 to be released. The Ultra Pistol 2 is a near perfect single shot and then reload gun. It's much easier to use, more durable, more accurate, faster to reload, accepts more types of rods, and has a shorter barrel than the first Ultra Pistol, it can also be easily reloaded while running (because of its funnel tipped barrel) and never malfunctions in any way.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure, instructable is in progress, I have it on a 3D k'nex/lego drafting program called mlcad but I just upgraded the physical one today so that it has a 6 round hopper but still keeps it's sights, pistol-like look, and the full power. So actual pictures probably won't be provided. Unfortunately, this program can only model so much and is missing some pieces, therefore I made certain parts represent other parts by changing their color, and I am not fluent enough with the prgram yet to make instructions for the trigger area, I tried but kept messing it up and had to start it over again and again. My biggest problem is that I am making and improving guns much faster than I can make instructions for them, I improved 3 guns just this week.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Just make it with real knex. Oh and can you mmake a battle rifle that doesn't use really much pieces( a skeleton of something0 ireally want a good rifle and you're a pro..thanks


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I made that comment 10 months ago, I'm not sure how much k'nex stuff I will be making in the future, I am either going to be quitting or slowing down a lot to maybe one gun per year.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well yeah... I just said that I build with k'nex most every day, I have a dozen k'nex guns in my house.