Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using L298n Motor Driver

hello guys today we will make thisrobot.. hope u enjoy it

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FOR making this osm robot u will need a few things.. which are-

arduino uno/nano

ultrasonic sensor (hcsr04)

mini breadbord

servo motor(sg90)

2 geared motors

motor wheels

L298n motor driver

jumper cables.

Step 2: Assembling....

now take your chassis an assemble the motors and caster wheel

after u have done this take ur L298n and using some double sided tape attach it to your chassis

now with thw same technique attach the breadboard , arduino uno , and servo motor.and ultrasonic sensor

after u have attached this ur robot would look something like...

Step 3: Connections

now u have to make the connections...

Step 4: Connections (image)

hooray u have made ur robot now all u need is ur code i am giving it right here->

Code:- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B27

Step 5:

i hope u enjoyed the instructions any suggestions are open

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    Cool robot. You should enter this in some of the contests that are currently running.