Obstacle Course Flags




Introduction: Obstacle Course Flags

You can use wire Flag Stakes to outline an obstacle course.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Flag Stakes
You can get Flag Stakes at your local hardware store.  HomeDepot sells them in bulk.  A package of 100 costs about $8 bucks.

2. Long-Nose Pliers to bend the wire Flag Stakes.

Step 2: Determine Height

The first bend in the wire determines the height of the flag.   

For a small height flag, which holds up good in the wind, I used the length of my longest finger.    

For a tall flag, I used the length between my thumb and first finger.

Step 3: Make the Base

Make the base by bending the remaining wire into a triangle or square.  

You should experiment with different base styles.  I prefer the triangle base, with flag positioned in the middle.

Step 4: Setup Obstacle Course

Use your new flag cones to create a cool obstacle course or outline a playing field.

We created an obstacle course for our bikes and another one for our remote controlled truck.

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