Obtaining a Manly Bearing




Introduction: Obtaining a Manly Bearing

For a man to exude the qualities of confidence, strength, courage, and self reliance it helps if he has a manly bearing about himself. What better way to do so than with the ball bearing belt buckle? That's right, you can now hold up your pants with a dynamically tensioned belt.

This makes a nice Valentine's gift and as a Valentines gift it is the one of the few times it can be worn as a complete outfit (By either giver or recipient) and not just as an accessory.

This Instructable is quite easy with the most time spent collecting the materials. So obtain a manly bearing in only four easy steps.

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Step 1: Acquire the Materials

You are going to need; a belt, a buckle, and a ball bearing. I bought all three on eBay for less than $15.

Step 2: Rough Up the Buckle and Bearing

Take some sandpaper and rough the surfaces of the buckle and the bearing where they will be glued together. This will make for a better glue surface. If you have no sandpaper, make your own with some of the sand that has been repeatedly kicked in your face.

Step 3: Glue Bearing to Buckle

The bearing is glued to buckle with JB Weld. This is manliest glue available and comes in a no-nonsense red, black, and white package. The bearing is 1-3/8" in diameter and 1/2" thick. Size is not important, as it is more important how you dress the bearing. Either explicitly or discretely dressed, the choice is yours. The bearing for this buckle is explicitly dressed. Mix equal daps from the two tubes and mix to a uniform gray. Then apply to the back of the bearing and glue the two pieces together. Any excess glue can be removed with acetone before it dries. Lets it dry overnight

Step 4: Attach the Belt to the Buckle

Attach the buckle to the belt and you are ready to go. A manly belt is leather, either brown, tan, or black. Red is okay if you are Cajun or from the Southwest. Wear white and you might as well wear plaid pants and a stupid golf hat. Canvas is okay if it is khaki color and you are going for nerd chic. The belt can be tooled leather, but not with your name on the back. (Names on belts is how women mark their territory. That and fabric softener. When a single women smells fabric softener on a man's clothes or sees his name on the back of his belt, she knows he is spoken for. When a woman breaks up with a man she cuts his belt into about a hundred pieces and the fabric softener stops.)

You are now on own way. See if people notice the difference in how you carry yourself. Report back with your testimony!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    name on the back means he's spoken for in a deep voice! not that there's anything wrong with that...


    4 years ago

    Crack me up. Love it.


    4 years ago

    This is really cool, nice idea!