Occupy 1% Inspired Action Figures With Interchangeable Arms, Heads and Accessories




K i been doing figurines for a while .. im really liking it.. So if you haven''t heard about the occupy movement.. then i guess you won't get the irony.. So Pretty much i grabbed a couple of ideas from Stephen Colbert and john steward.. Did i mention Colbert is running for pres now?

Anyways.. the Occupy movement is mainly about income inequality between the 99% (US) and the 1% (billionaires) You might not agree but let's stay off politics..  please

Colbert Report once joked that Trickle down economics is like drinking a bud lime and whatever comes out.. trickles down to the rest of us.. also 1% controls about 80 or 90% of the wealth.. and someone once said.. i think it was Michael Moore.. he said think about 10 people coming to eat a pie.. 1% comes in takes 9 slices.. and tells the rest to fight for the last piece of the pie.. it was checked by politifact and it passed.. .. i might have the numbers wrong.. is late and i been running on sleep... so i apologize.. just google it..

anyways.. sorry to go in a tangent.. but as you can see .. i wanted to depict that scenario with action figures.. i wanted to make it .. so maybe the guy drinks a beer and pees on the 99%.. or eats a pie while holding a 1% sign.. all with interchangeable parts.. is like a 1% Mr Patatoe head.. and you make it whatever you want..

So in my idea.. is usually a rich fat pig making fun of the 99%.. or some Crazy Republican..  So with this set you can pick whichever and add a top hat.. or an uncle sam hat.. or a monocle.. etc

I used chicken kebob sticks and holes in the main body to make this  work.. 

So after this i plan to make silicone molds and give them out to my friends.. i might even make a democrat head.. or donkey head.. and give it to my other friends.. who in their mind.. democrats are the 1%

hope u guys like it.. please comments to the action figure.. lets not turn it into a political pee pee  match.. (like the one in my figurine)

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm guessing this represents (accurately, I might add) the majority of the OWS protestors?