Ocean Awareness

Intro: Ocean Awareness

In order to bring attention to the affect we have on our ocean I have made a tri-board representing what our actions lead to. Since we can not see what happens beyond earths surface, and under the water, we like to imagine and pretend that everything is good and safe. However everyday people are dumping trash in the ocean which is killing the wildlife and putting them in danger.

This project was inspired from a painted wall that I recently saw at Coney Island, NY. This painting really brought my attention to what harmful things we are doing to our ocean life. This then inspired me to make a board along with lights and movement and place it in my school to get peoples attention.

*The picture is the original and the video is my version*

Step 1: Plan

Plan out your ideas and think of ways to reuse plastic items to represent something in the ocean. For example we used plastic packs that hold caned soda to be the shells on a turtle as well as strangling a turtle, we also used a bottle on the sharks body, and a bag on the jellyfish.

Step 2: Decorate It

Decorate your project to appeal to the viewers eye and get them to look at your project and fully appreciate the meaning behind it. We made flashing lights for the fish eyes, lights under the bottle on the shark, and a small fan to blow the jelly fish strings.

Step 3: Present

show people and allow people to learn more about the cause and the problem that we are creating and lets try to stop it !



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    7 months ago

    Looks like a great presentation board! What is the video of, it doesn't appear to be working?

    1 reply