Octopanagraphic: Multi-camera Panoramic Rig

Introduction: Octopanagraphic: Multi-camera Panoramic Rig

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8 Mini cameras arranged at 90 degree angles and 180. I don't know why.

Using K'Nex Giant Set, it's a modular system that can go about anywhere but just don't drop it. You tend to try to not drop normal cameras, correct?

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Step 1: Assemble K'Nex

Goodness I hope you know how they work. Okay, I'lll give you 10 minutes.

Now you know how they work. Sigh.. I'll do a breakdown here shortly. Basically you come up with a pattern that will hold your particular mini camera in a 90 degree angle to another identical module. Repeat until 4.

Redundant connections and some reinforcement are needed, but basically there will be a few pegs to move to remove the ones 'embedded in the K'nex. the second green level is a clone of the top one, so in theory this thing could hold 12. That's a bit of a stretch, no?

The lower section is a hybrid of the parts that came with the cameras, with 4 brackets threaded through a velcro strap. this can be taken off quickly and recharged or downloaded. The ones on the K'nex have to be removed with a bit of dis-assembly.

Part of it is that it's removable, when just filming with 4 cameras, etc. Also, for putting the cameras at angles that the modular system might be too fixed to allow.

Step 2:

The Concept:

Capturing 8 180 degree pictures at approximately 1 frame per second. Due to the lack of interconnection the frame sync is a matter of luck.

Step 3: Camera / Rigs

The cameras

SpyGear cameras capable of 720p AVI movies or capturing a frame per second. I tend to do the frame capture.

Dirt cheap on clearance. Or go to the Toys R store and get them full retail, about $70.

Replacement cost: Approx. $560 before K'nex.

The tripod is affixed to the K'Nex. The tripod is affixed to the metal bar system. The metal bar system is bungied (bunjy? elastic) to the truck.

The truck is driven without distraction .regard to the very stable system that should have plenty of redundant straps to retain all parts should anything nutty happen at speed.

Step 4: Results: Mixed

Two frames, showing the original frame and one that's been processed. Stitching together the frames to make a full motion "bubble" of complete coverage is among future plans.. A newer computer that can handle processing all the image data at once would help a lot... budgets.

The open-source program VirtualDub can remove a good portion of distortion, and some of this is side-effects of Youtube processing. Here's one experiment using either 3 or 4 cameras.

It's more useful as a 3-d stereo covering both directions. Here it is covering one.

So it's even a bit past normal playback methods. Other future plans include globe monitors.

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