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My brother and I, agree that winter is boring without a little bit of madness. We've decided to create a hat that will be warm and unusual. What is more unusual for winter than an octopus? Have you ever seen the octopus hat? We didn't. But both of us agreed that it's worth to create such a thing.
In the main roles:

  • I as a creator
  • my brother as a hat model :)

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Step 1: Supplies

For make the hat you need only two things:

  • Crochet hook
  • 4 green yarn balls (50 gr - 125 cm)

Step 2: Beanie Hat

Step 1: Start with 10 Single crochet (Sc) magic ring.

Step 2: *2 Sc in each stitch*

Step 3: *1 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 4: *2 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 5: *3 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 6: *4 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 7: *5 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 8: *6 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 9: *7 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

Step 10: *8 Sc – 2 Sc in the next stitch*

For now, we got the width we want. So the next step is to get the height we want. Repeat Step 11 until the hat suit you.

Step 11: *1 Sc in each stitch*

Step 3: Mask

Make two rectangles with single crochet:

  • 7 stitches x 13 rows
  • 50 stitches x 8 rows

Join these rectangles with the hat as on the image above.

Step 4: Tentacles

Tentacles are rectangles made by using simple crochet. We need several tentacles with different length to get a better look.

The length and count of tentacles:

  • 15cm (7)
  • 20cm (8)
  • 25cm (4)
  • 30cm (2)
  • 35cm (1)

Little tip: If you want to make tentacles little bit curly just make 2 Simple crochet in one stitch at some point. For example, 10 Sc and then 2 Sc in one stitch. Feel free to experiment..

Step 5: Join Tentacles With the Mask

You are almost done. It's the last step. Just join all your tentacles with the mask. For better look try to join longer tentacles in the middle and shorter on the sides.

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