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I made this octopus hoodie for a halloween costume a few years ago but I thought it'd be fun to post instructions for it here. You could probably wear it around town as just a regular hoodie too, it's pretty nice and warm.

Here's what you'll need:

A really large hooded pullover sweater
It should be a lot bigger than you normally wear, preferably of just one solid color.
I got mine from the thrift store for pretty cheap.

Some felt, foam, or fleece circle things for suction cups
I used about 40 circles, about an inch and a half in diameter. I was lucky and found this foam mat with big circles in it I just cut out but you could just cut out a bunch of circles from fabric though. Or use real suction cups off a rubber mat, though that's more of a pain to cut out and sew on.

Stuffing matterials
I used scarves and hats but you could also use batting, socks, newspaper, underwear, etc...


Sewing supplies
I sewed it by hand cause I didn't have a machine so I just had needle & thread, but it would go much faster with a sewing machine. Or if you're really in a pinch, fabric glue.

That's it!

Step 1: Remove the Front Pocket

I love the little pouch in front of hoodies, but it'll just get in the way here, so let's get rid of it. Cut it out without while making sure your not cutting into the main part of the hoodie underneath it.

Step 2: Cut Strips

Now to cut some strips! Cut along the sides up to the armpits first so you can separate the front from the back easily. Next cut twice in the front, up to armpit level, to make 3 strips. Do the same for the back. You should end up with 3 strips in front, 3 strips in back, and 2 arms for a total of 8 dangling things.

Step 3: Make Some Tubes

Turn the whole thing inside out (fuzzy side out) so you can sew each of the strips into a tube/sleeve. Only sew each one up about 3/4 of the way, otherwise the hole will bunch up and be too small to get back into. I had to cut up a little further after sewing so I could fit in it.

Step 4: Add the Suction Cups

Turn it back so it's right side out (fuzzy on the inside) again and you should have a nice hoodie with 8 arm sleeves. Now sew on the "suction cups" (or whatever you found for those) along the underside of all the sleeves.

Step 5: Stuff the Other 6 Arms

Unfortunately humans only have 2 arms, so we'll have to stuff the other 6 so they're nice and plump. Whatever you can find to put in those sleeves works. Scarves are nice cause they're so long and soft already.

Step 6: Insert Human

Get in there! You're done!

Optional Add-ons:

You can thread some fishing line between the ends of all the sleeves so they all lift when you lift your arms. Or you can add some eyes to the side of the hoodie.

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5 years ago on Introduction

Made my octopus costume last night and wore it at work today. I especially liked that when I needed to be a grown up during the day it was easy to take off and look like a professional and then slip back on for the invasion of the candy horde. I used rolled up kitchen towels to stuff my extra tentacles. They were soft, kept their shape and I already owned them.

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6 years ago on Introduction

I just made this! It isn't perfectly made (AND I had a machine) but came out great! I work at a fish market and I'm wearing this on Halloween. Thanks!


7 years ago on Step 6

Very fun, simple, and well-illustrated project.


8 years ago on Introduction

This is pretty great! That said, I must find a long reg jacket thats like a hoodie, and colored clothing to match it. I will have those 2 long tentacles(my legs) and become a squid! Horray!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

yes, see the tentacle in the middle front? Just make sure that the front tentacle includes both sides of the zipper.

Then you can zip it up and it'll look exactly like this one except with a zipper on the front tentacle.


8 years ago on Step 6

hello from germany! thank you so much for this great idea and professional graphics :) really funny! i´ll wear it at work on carnival in february.


8 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for this awesome idea.

Used it last night, it took about an hour or so to make with a sewing machine and cost about $25.

Just a couple of notes. I stuffed the arms with newspaper, works great. Adding big eyes to the hood looks really cool when you cinch down the hood. You can use hot glue to attach the suckers to the arms.

Over all everybody loved it and it was a fun costume. I would highly recommend it.


8 years ago on Introduction

This is awesome. Too bad I already have a costume this year. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for a cheap octopus-colored hoodie for next year!!


8 years ago on Introduction

I wasn't planning on dressing up for Halloween this year but I'm on Band Council at my school and we're doing a Halloween parade for the elementary schoolers and I didn't want to be the only one dressed up! This will be the perfect costume. :D Can't wait to make it!


8 years ago on Introduction

I put cat paws on these and went as an octopussy, it was a lot of fun


9 years ago on Introduction

 Loved making it, it was so much fun. Bottom of bath mat as suction cups worked well. I linked the arms with fishing line but should have shortened the fishing line between the arms. I tried to tie die it to make it a blue ring octopus but the dye didn't stick. Though it still turned out great and I want to work on it more for future years! Thank you so much for the great idea!