Octopus Pirate/Steampunk Belt Bag

Introduction: Octopus Pirate/Steampunk Belt Bag

Cut out shape and tooled design on leather. Then I punched holes for stitching bag together

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Step 1: Dying Design

I painting a water-based dye to give my tentacle some color and dimension.

Step 2: Dying Bag

I dyed it too dark brown, so I mix up a warm black and dyed the it again. I wanted the tentacle to pop.

Step 3: Sewing

I assembled the bag by hip stitching it together. Then used a acrylic finish to protect outside leather.

Step 4: Final Bag

Will post final bag after add closure. Not sure of which kind yet.

My options are

Magnetic rivets (don't like the look)

Pin Claps (to large and where would I attache the chain)

Brass turning Lock (like this option best was was my original idea. I wanted it to look like the tentacle was holding it.)

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    4 years ago

    That's a great looking bag!