Odorless Toilet for $35




Introduction: Odorless Toilet for $35

Go #2 with zero odor for your or your loved ones. With a few simple parts, you can trap and remove toilet odor before it ever leaves the bowl. There is a new product on Amazon, called "The Odorless" that filters the air in the toilet, while you are going number two, so that you don't smell it and neither does the person using the bathroom right after you. While I love the idea, the unit costs $169 and $50 per year, in filters. It also has a big "ugly" white battery box, you have to bolt to your wall, which my wife says is a non-starter in her bathroom. So, I made a better way to do the same thing, for only $35, with no filters to replace. I modify a $20 bathroom vent fan to pull air from the toilet tank, which in turn pulls air from the bowl. As you sit on the toilet, you feel the faintest breeze, and there is ZERO smell. And as an extra benefit, you only have to run this thing for 2 minutes, as apposed to a standard bathroom ceiling vent that needs to run for 10, or much longer because you walk off and forget it. Bathroom fans pull tons of heat out of your house and increase your heating bill, so running them them less, saves you money. Also, there is no ugly box on the wall. In fact, you can't even tell anything is there, so my wife is happy.

To do this, I cut a slot in the back of the tank, and sealed in a 1 inch pipe, above the water line. The other end of the pipe goes to my vent fan that I have modified to pull air from the pipe, rather than the plastic ceiling grill. If you are interested, here is a video of how I did it.



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    How do you cut a slot in a porcelain toilet tank without a lot of trouble breaking it?

    1 reply

    Diamond blades are almost smooth with just a very fine coating of diamond dust. This means they are great for cutting things like tile and porcelain, because they grind away millions of microscopic particles, rather than larger chunks like most other blades. By taking smaller bites, the blade puts much less overall stress on the material being cut.

    Watch the video it will show you.
    So your idea is to put the fan on while taking a dump to pull the smell away?
    This is only designed for internal overflow wc

    1 reply

    Yes, exactly, and it works exceedingly well. And it still works fine for overflow. Dual use.