Office? Catch-all Room?

My poor poor office, it needs a major injection of style and organization! I cringe every time I walk in the room, but can't figure out where to start!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    First get on to craigslist and put all the stuff that wasn't use for at least 2 years up for sale. U can also try kijiji. Sale it for a resonnable price. forget the price you paid or the value of the item because they are only cluttering your space. Space that actually at this moment YOU ARE PAYING FOR AND ARE NOT USING. More Expensive then what you paid for the actual item. Next you'll have more space and will be able to start moving stuff around and organising. Don't worry i have the same problem as you have. I just stated trowing stuff that didn't sell or send to ecocenter if they would take it. Be positive about it. You'll be happy when its done.