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Introduction: Office Keyboard Hacks

I came in early this morning and messed with my co-workers keyboards...mwuhuhahahha.  This is a dead simple hack.  A standard cutlery knife will easily 'ping' off the keys and you can rearrange them.  For extra annoyance, try unplugging the mouse too.  it's great watching people wiggle the mouse and stare blankly at the computer screen waiting for it to wake from sleep.



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    get a sticky note and put it on the bottom of the mouse

    I put them in alphabetical order, they kept complaining to me the keys were wired wrong. They're wrong, the keys are in the wrong spot.

    DON'T DO THIS ON LAPTOPS (for the dummies who will try).

    Ha ha, very subtle. One of our IT guys spent a couple of minutes mistyping his login before he realized I'd moved the keys around.

    Whatever you do, this can damage the keyboard substantially. So, don't be upset if the owner wants a reimbursement.
    The damage is nearly unavoidable with a built-in laptop keyboard.

    I've tried this on about 20 different keyboards and never had a problem. The trick is to use a broad-bladed implement such as a knife rather than say a Phillips head screwdriver. That way the force is exerted over a greater area. I agree that you shouldn't try this on a laptop as the keyboard is integrated to the machIne. Whereas for a desktop you're only up for a few bucks to replace it.

    I have encuntered some keyboards where the keys were glued to the switches, so when "popping" off the keytop, the shank is broken requiring replacement or repair.

    Of course, these days when keyboards are $3.00 a dozen, a replacement wouldn't be that hard to locate.

    If you had a big office and lots of people to help you could make the whole keyboard one letter. All "X"s would be nice.