Office Olympics: Archery

Introduction: Office Olympics: Archery

This fun and easy project can be made with some simple office materials, and what better way to get into the Olympic spirit? Hours of fun guaranteed (really only a few minutes at best).

Creator not responsible for valuable time lost while using this product.

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Step 1: Materials

Only a few materials will be needed for this simple project

1. Two larger paperclips
2. A rubber band
3. A pen
4. Tape

Step 2: Making the Frame

In this step you will be making the frame

First open the two paper clips the same amount as seen in the picture

Next tape the two paper clips together by their smaller part

Step 3: Adding to the Frame

In this part we will add the rubber band to our frame

tape one end of it to the bottom of the frame and the other to the top. It should be taught, but not bending the frame, and not too loose either.

Step 4: The Arrow(s)

This step can be up to your imagination, but i will let you know how I did it.

Take the tube of ink out of the pen, and then I taped something over the tip and end to make it look better (and so the ink doesn't spill out).

Step 5: Let the Games Begin!

If you want, you can make a target and even set up a small tournament. Enjoy!

I actually got mine to shoot pretty far... it's all about technique.

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