Office Supplies Docking System

Introduction: Office Supplies Docking System

If you are like myself, you probably work in an office and use music to help pass the time. Also like me, you might be to broke or lazy to get yourself a proper docking system. No to worry though you can make your own docking system out of office supplies. Takes about 2 minutes and is free.

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Step 1: Supplies

Get yourself a rubber band and one of these super duper snappy paper clips (I don't know the real name)

Step 2: Rubber Band and Clip

Take your rubber band and loop it into one of the clips metal grasps.

Step 3: Cord

Put your music players cord through the other side of the metal clip clasp

Step 4: Installment

You can use the paper clip to grab onto items on your desk, I'm using my plant.

Step 5: Usage

Now you can attach your music player. Hook device into cord. Wrap rubber band around device, and enjoy! (headphones can be used too)

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