Office Supply Contest: the Memo-Bot

The Memo-Bot is a small, relatively simple project. It can be made by anyone with a pair of scissors and a glue stick. I would have made an Instructable on the trebuchet in the background, but that requires hot glue, pliers and hobby knifes, and I wanted something that everyone could make. The photo shows the prototype, the Instructable is the new version. As you will see, the photo of the design is different to the end product, and the revised plan on the PDF. This is because I realized that I made some kinda stupid mistakes, so I fixed them through the Instructable, as I realized that I had made them.

Step 1: The Design

The photo I have is the pre-fixed design that is a photocopy of the original. Areas to be glued are cross-hatched and labelled glue, and the tabs are labelled tab. The PDF is on the last step.

Step 2: The Head

The head is really simple. Follow the lines for glue and tabs, and you will end up with what is in the photo.

Step 3: The Torso

Again, really easy. It is just he same as the head, follow the lines for tabs and glue and you'll be fine.

Step 4: Glueing the Head to the Torso

Very simple and easy.

Step 5: The Arms

Constructing the arms is easy, however, glueing them the correct way is slightly more difficult, and is explained in the next step

Step 6: Glueing on the Arms

As you can see, there are two different ways in which the sides of the torso are cross hatched. One is just 1 sq cm, the other is the length of the torso, the same on the arms. Look at the photos below to see how the glueing works.

Step 7: The Legs

The legs are where I made the design mistake. Basically, I designed two of the same leg (I'd be the worst bio-mechanical engineer). I got around this sticky issue by sneakily changing the design on the legs both on the original and on the bot under construction. To make them is just the same as any other part, only that there is no bottom to the leg because they will be on the table.

Step 8: Glueing on the Legs

Very similar to glueing on  the arms, just follow the cross hatched areas for glue. There are two sides on the legs that are completely cross hatched, that is where the both join each other, with the small 1 sq cm at the bottom front for the foot, and the tops are to be glued to the torso.

Step 9: The Feet

Again, really simple. They are made just like any other part. Glueing them on is also extremely easy. If you glued the legs on correctly, then it should be really obvious where the foot thing goes.

Step 10: How to Use

To use, write your memo on a small post-it note, or just trim a big one, and use the sticky side on the outstretched arm. Alternatively, if you only have big post-it notes, use a bit of blu-tac and some normal paper. Now you'll always remember to do that homework, or (more importantly) remember the anniversary gift. 

Step 11: Design PDF

Here it is.



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