Office Supply Makeover! Painted Keyboard, Tape Dispensers and Stapler!




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Boring office supplies bringing you down?

Add some life to your office--or home with these painted pieces!

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Step 1: Boring, Scratched, Unreadable Keyboard!

Let's start with the Keyboard basics.

Okay, EVERYONE hated my computer keyboard.
Everyone. Yes...they did too!

It was black, so worn out...scratched from fingernails...
letters missing!
My kids (and hubby) had a terrible
time typing on my keyboard.

Well, Mr. Awesome himself (my hubby), decided it was
time for a DIY keyboard project!
He taped off my keyboard with masking tape...leaving only the keys.
Then painted the keys pink! 

I used a sharpie and wrote on the crucial key information.
but it was still ugly.

Step 2: Painting the Keyboard!

So then I sat down with acrylic paint and a paintbrush...
Added some chevrons, polka dots, stripes, waves, swirls, stitches, borders, wiggles, flowers, a fleur de lis...basically any little pattern I could think of!

This would look super totally pink...
But we removed our masking tape...and ta da!

Black keyboard with smashing pink easter egg keys!

Step 3: Updating Tape Dispenser and Staplers...


My embarrassing office supplies.

To begin.
You will need some boring office supplies.
You can find boring tape dispensers at the thrift store...
this is the perfect upcycle you could give as a gift!

Quick story:  When I got married (June 2000),
we received this tape dispenser as a wedding gift.
At first I thought it was silly...but it is 1 of the very
few things that has survived EVERY move!  I love it!
But it is ugly.

Alas, that will be remedied!

Step 4: Prepping for Surgery!

Remove any staples or tape and use a baby wipe or wet cloth to clean the surfaces!

Then use some painters tape and tape off anything you don't want painted...
like the cutting tape edge...the underside felt pads...And anything metal on the stapler...this is easy because the stapler opens up!

Step 5: Priming and Painting the Subjects!

Next...get that spray paint cardboard and lightly mist them with primer.

Let it dry and then do a light layer of color!
Allow paint to dry before doing another coat!

Once the paint is dry, do a clear coat spray over that!

Then, let dry overnight before removing masking tape
and refilling with tape or staples!

Step 6: Poppin' Pink and Totally Teal Upcycled Office Supplies!

Now you will not be a laughing stock!  You may even get that promotion!  :)

Awesome Office supplies--in Poppin' Pink and Totally Teal!

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    16 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I tried to paint with a brush instead of spray paint... failed. Your method is way better.What type of paint did you use for the primer and color? Acrylic or multi surface?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I have a quote at my desk that says "I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!" Totally my motto! If I can make it cute, I'm going to! :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I love the keyboard! I made one for my kids out of a broken's like a spaceship console with big red buttons and stuff, perfect for play...then I figured, why not on a working keyboard!? :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Totally awesome! You remind me of my daughter! This is something she would do! I am sending her the link. Thanks for sharing your hard work and I hope your day shines!

    3 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Sunshiine! I'd love to meet your daughter, I bet we'd be insta-friends! I keep looking around to find more things to paint! :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Paint is cheap and one of the easiest things to improve something. Yes, I am sure you would be insta-friends , she is very artistic in all forms of art. I can't seem to get her interested here though. She will view things but never shares her stuff here.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Ha ha! I was totally interested in Instructables when I saw the killer contest prizes! :) Thanks again! :)

    Like I said, I thought it was silly...but for a crafter and a mom, it gets daily use! :) And as far as wedding gifts go...go for something memorable and unique--right? :)