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Introduction: Office Suppy Rail Gun

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In the spirit of the holidays and not doing anything the day before thanksgiving at work, i decided to create an OSMWD! 
Made entirely of everything in my desk...which doesn't have much

2 Highlighters 
Rubber Band
mechanical pencil tube
something to shoot i used a drafting pencils eraser cap
1. Tape the 2 highlighters together this makes the rail

2. Dissasemble the pencil.  This was an akward pencil that had a tube core.  The body is mostly not needed so i cut of a small part off to hold my projectile
    The plastic tube fit snugly into the top, cut to length

3. Cut the rubber band tape it up.  connected the top with the tube in it to the rubber band, tape it up, pull it back, loaded the projectile and 

off off off it soars into the back of your coworkers head, not hard enough to hurt though ;)

if you get



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    Now... Someone build a railgun with office supplies (I'm thinking electric stapler, a couple regular staplers, and maybe a pen or two... I can't think of anything other than an electric stapler with electro-magnets)

    How is this a railgun? sure, you have "rails" but this build lacks any definitive characteristics of railguns...

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