Officer Jenny Cosplay (How to Alter an Existing Pattern for Cosplay)




Introduction: Officer Jenny Cosplay (How to Alter an Existing Pattern for Cosplay)

This Instructable will show you how to make an Officer Jenny Costume by altering a pattern. I'm going to use Simplicity pattern 2154( If, you intend to use a different pattern please disregard all steps that refer to pattern instructions).This is the second instructable I have ever made so, if you have any advice or questions please leave me a comment below. Thx ;)

-Simplicity Pattern 2154
-1 1/2 Yards of Red Fabric 
-4 yards of Dark Blue Fabric
-1 1/2 yards Light Blue Fabric
-One 81/2 inch zipper
-One 12 1/2 inch zipper
-Metal clasps for skirt
-Metal odds and ends ( I used old earrings and belt buckles)
- Metal Pin Backs
-Costume police hat
-Got 2B Glued Freeze Spray
-Got 2B Glued Hair Gel
-Bobby Pins
-Any Additional Accessories Desired

Additional Equipment
-Sewing Machine (optional)
-Sewing needles and pins
- Matching Thread
-Stitch Ripper
-Glue Gun
-Gold Spray Paint
-Hair Dryer

Step 1: Get All the Supplies

Start, by Gathering all your supplies( When choosing the pattern size you want it is a good idea to take your measurements as pattern sizes can differ from that of your clothing size). Once, you pick out your fabric you will want to pre-wash it. Doing this prevents the finished garment from shrinking in the next wash and helps to rid the fabric of any excess dyes. If, your fabric comes of the washer and dryer with wrinkles it is best to iron it before you start cutting out your pattern.

Step 2: Opening Your Pattern

If, you decide to use the pattern I chose (Simplicity Pattern 2154) you will be using pattern pieces for shirt B, skirt D,and the sleeve pattern piece from Shirt A ( if your using a different pattern you'll be choosing  different pattern pieces, thus ignore the above directions). Next, you will need to find these pieces using the directions and cut them out. Now, take the pattern pieces you just cut out and pin them to the dark blue fabric as shown in the pattern directions and then cut around them according to your size. 

Step 3: Shirt B (If You Have a Different Pattern the Following May Not Apply to You)

(First if you are using a different pattern the shirt directions may be different and you should add changes a you see fit.)
 For those following the Simplicity Pattern, find the directions for Blouse B and follow the instructions in the pattern until you get to step 2 where the pattern wants you to sew the two shirt fronts together instead of sewing to the dots ignore the dots and keep on sewing. Next, continue following the directions until you get to step 4. Then, when you reach step 4 on your pattern ignore the part where they talk about dots when stitching the back sides of the shirt together but follow all other directions on step 4 and continue on.

Step 4: Sleeves

Since there is no sleeve pattern for Shirt B we have to take them from the pattern for Cardigan A . (This may not be a problem for those of you with a different pattern so just pay attention to the instructions for the sleeve cuff). Start ,by Following the directions on step 6 for cardigan A but, ignore the part about hemming the sleeve. Now measure your arm and decide on the desired length of the sleeve and cut (You may have to sew the sides of the sleeve together or even pint he sleeve it to shirt B to get a better visual).
Now for the Sleeve Cuffs, to create the red sleeve cuffs for Officer Jenny's shirt cut four wide strips of red fabric about the length of the opening of the sleeve(if you sewed the sleeves together undo them at this time). Next, pin two of the four strips right sides together and sew them leaving a small opening.Do the same with the remaining two strips. After you finish sewing the red strips together turn the them inside out and hand sew the opening closed before sewing them onto the bottom of your sleeves thus creating sleeve cuffs.To finish your sleeves, sew each side of one sleeve right sides together and turn it inside out repeating this step with the other sleeve.Then finally,Follow step 7 for Cardigan A when attaching the sleeves to the shirt B.

Step 5: Collar

 Disregard  shirt pattern B’s shirt collar and instead make your own by measuring around the head hole of the shirt and adding a couple of inches then using that measurement to create the bottom length of the collar. Next,add an inch or two on either side to create the top length (you should end up with a trapezoidal shape) Then, cut two pieces of the shape you just made and sew them right sides together leaving an opening before turning the collar you just made inside out and stitching the opening closed. After creating the collar you need to create the red edging which lines the outsides of the collar; So start, by cutting a really long strip of fabric and folding the raw edges in towards the center (It may help to iron the edges in place at this point).Now, fold the edging in half over the outside edges of the collar and pin in place.Then, hand sew the edging down. Next  attache the collar to the shirt making sure the right side is facing away from you. Finally, finish up by flipping the collar over and on the wrong side of the collar stitch the midsections together to keep the collar in place.

Step 6: Shirt Details (Blue Triangles)

First, cut two large triangles out of the bright blue fabric (make the triangles a little larger then needed so they’ll be easier to adjust). Then, applique or fold raw edges under and pin one triangle to the middle of the front part of the shirt and one to middle of the back of the part of the shirt. Finally, adjust size and shape of triangle as needed and hand sew around the triangles on either side of the shirt when you get them adjusted to your liking.

Step 7: Shirt Details (Shoulder Straps)

To create the shoulder straps cut one long piece of dark blue fabric and fold it over right sides together and sew leaving and opening on either end. Then, pull the strip of fabric inside out. Next, measure the shoulder length on either side of the shirt and cut the strip of fabric down the middle. After which, trim the shoulder straps you just made down to the desired shoulder measurement. Now take the two new strips of fabric and sew either side closed. To finish this step, take the two straps you just made and hand sew them onto each shoulder.

Step 8: Shirt Details (False Pockets)

Officer Jenny has triangular shaped pockets flaps that appear on her shirt; to make them you need to draw out one of them on some paper or on the dark blue fabric about the size and shape you want (you may need to look at a reference picture). Then use the pattern piece you just made to cut out four identical pocket flap pieces (three if you drew your first pattern directly on the fabric and cut it out). Now place 2 of your pocket flap pieces right sides together and sew. Remember, to leave an opening so you can turn them inside out and sew them closed when your done. Repeat this step with the other two pieces.Next, attach the false pockets on either side of the shirt with pins.(again you may want to use a reference picture).After you got the false pockets where you want them go ahead and hand sew them down.

Step 9: Shirt Details (Shirt Hem)

If, you look closely at Officer Jenny"s shirt hem you can see a small triangular split just below her belt. To accomplish this make an opening by ripping out the stitches of the up about two or so inches where the seam going down the middle of the shirt ends below the blue triangle( If, you used a different pattern you may have to cut an opening instead of ripping out stitches). Now, take either side of the opening and fold and pin them back creating an upside down V shape. Then, hand stitch around the V shape to hold it in place. Also, cut off any excess fabric left over from the fold so it doesn't show.

Step 10: Skirt

Now, to make Officer Jenny's skirt go back to your pattern and follow the pattern directions for skirt D. At step 3 continue sewing straight down the skirt back ignoring the large dot.  Also,skip steps 4,5,and 6.You will need to follow all the remaining steps except 13 and 14 as you will be shortening your skirt down anyway. (If, your following a pattern other then the one I listed in the beginning the above directions won't apply to you). Next, try on your skirt and mark the desired length( I suggest making the back of the skirt a little longer then the front to keep the skirt from riding up to far). Then, finish the skirt off by hemming the bottom edge so that none of the raw edges show.(As an added measure if your skirt has a zipper you can sew a clasp just above the zipper opening on the waist band to make sure your skirt stays secure.)

Step 11: Hat

To make Officer Jenny's hat,measure the circumference of your head and use that as the length for the two wide (at least 3 inches) strips of fabric that are going to form the sides of the hat. Next, sew the strips of fabric right sides together leaving an opening. Use the opening to turn your fabric inside out; then stitch it closed. After doing this you are going to cut one long strip of red fabric for the edging of the top of the hat and turn the raw edges in towards the middle and iron them down. Then, take the edging you just made and fold it over the top edge your hat and stitch it down. Now, stitch the to ends of your hat together. Next, use the sides of your hat to trace out a circle on the dark blue fabric. You will need to add a couple of inches on all sides of the top of the circle making the circle you traced bigger.Then, cut out your circle and tuck it into the sides of you hat where the red edging is. Secure it by hand stitching the circle down to the inside edge of the hat. Now, cut out any excess fabric inside the hat. For the brim of the hat you will need to take an costume police hat and take the brim off of it .Finally, sew the brim of the costume hat on to the front of the hat you just made.

Step 12: Badges and Buttons

For this part of the cosplay you will need to Check out your local thrift and craft stores.You will be looking for buttons, a metal belt like Officer jenny’s, a rectangular metal piece you can sew down to the collar,and anything you can use as the town symbol on jenny’s hat
(I ended up using a belt, a belt buckle,earrings,and well obviously buttons). If, you can't find any of these objects in a gold color don't worry that can be fix by sanding down the metal and spray painting it gold (If you get gold spray paint on the leather part of the belt you may have to paint black over the gold spots on the leather to hide mistake in a worst case scenario). Next, to attach the badges use a glue gun to attach pin backings onto the backs of them. Once dry you can pin the badges in place on Officer Jenny's hat and shirt collar. For the buttons on the shirt secure them to the false pockets on Officer Jenny's shirt by hand sewing them in place.

Step 13: Wig

For Officer Jenny's wig start  by pinning back the bangs with bobby pins (This only applies if you use a wig that has bangs).( Also, I almost forgot to mention that I painted the bobby pins to match Officer Jenny's Hair so, they would stand out less). Next, pull  forward to strands of hair. Now, wrap each of the front two strands around your finger and spray them with hair spray.(I used Got 2 B Glued Freeze Spray) After doing the above, pull the remaining hair back into a pony tail. Then, part the pony tail down the middle and separate each part into three sections. Next, take each of the three sections and arrange them into spikes. (I used this wig spiking tutorial by GingerKitty for this part, trim down any loose or frayed ends.

Step 14: Extras

Finish your cosplay off by finding any remaining or desired accessories,such as, black shoes and a purse.
Below are a bunch of related links I found that may help you add a little something extra to you cosplay!

Now, Go out and have a great time cosplaying!!!

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