Offline Games With Google on Laptop

Introduction: Offline Games With Google on Laptop

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wanna play games?

but have very little internet. check this out!

Step 1:

open your laptop or pc and open google chrome.go to the left most part of the bookmarks bar.(apps icon) and click on it

Step 2:

now a new screen will appear .find webstore icon and click on it. webstore will open.

Step 3:

webpage will show some apps.seethe left part(a menu bar)click on games.

Step 4:

games page will open.scroll down for no wifi section.where it will be written 'no wifi no problem'.click on view all as shown in above images.

Step 5:

a full page will appear ,click on any game it will open as on add to chrome.wait for it to be downloaded.

Step 6:

open new tab and click on apps button again.your game will be open the game and go offline.

Step 7:

enjoy playing your games

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    3 years ago

    Good job! I don't like to hook up to public wifi, so I appreciate knowing how to play offline.