Oh Snap! Super Simple Prank.

Introduction: Oh Snap! Super Simple Prank.

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This is a great prank to pull on your sisters or mom. This is one that gets us yelled at every time, because it works every time ;-)

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Step 1: Materials

Poppers - sold at most stores.

Toilet - hopefully you have one

Step 2: Set It Up

Place the popper on the rim of the toilet. Must be directly under the support piece.

Step 3: Wait.

Now wait.

Do not forget that you set the trap.

Remember if you lift the lid the popper may fall into toilet.

Cool Kat has gotten Momma Cat and Kitty Cat on this several times. Great fun when you are home to hear them scream lol

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    Uh, that is sort of my prank but mine has a way of making sure the seat doesn't get burned. Yours, well the yelling might last longer.


    5 years ago

    Try ketchup packets with the sealed ends pointing forward for a messier surprise