Oh, What to Wear?

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I wore high heels to work at day because I had a presentation at the group meeting, but by mid morning my fee were killing me. I wish I had brought a pair of back up shoes! Is there anything in my cubicle to help me? A bunch of my friends are going to walk down the block and go out to lunch but I'll never make in these heels.

Let's see... I have:
  • an old binder with a long boring document inside
  • some packing tape, great for sticking together things
  • some cute little colored binder clips
  • a pretty purple bubble wrap envelope
  • a few tyvek envelopes
  • some paper clips
  • a few manila file folder labels
  • a pair of scissors

I bet by lunch I can get my job done (its not that strenuous) and make a pair of shoes and few accessories for my outfit!

Step 1: Designing and Making the Shoes

I gathered my supplies, and borrowed the flip flops of my co-worker in the next cubicle without her even noticing. She works without shoes on all the time. I used the shoes to make a pattern on the front and back of the binder. I recycled the boring document, no one will miss it. It hasn't been read in years anyway.

Step 2: Holding Together the Soles of the Shoes

The binder had several different layers, I don't to lose the plastic covering, it will keep the shoes from wearing out too fast although they only need to make it through lunch.

I choose to use a few of the colorful mini binder clips. I thought they would be hard on the feet but they were much more comfortable than those heels I wore to work this morning.

Step 3: Adding the Top to the Shoes

I considered using an old phone cord and making the shoes flip flops, but the pretty purple bubble wrap folder just seems perfect to make a comfortable pair of slides so that's what I used. A bit of packing tape held the whole thing together.

They are so much more comfortable than my heels, I'm going to wear these for the rest of the day! There is still time before lunch, let's see if I can make a few more accessories to spice up this boring suit.

Step 4: Making the Bracelet

I still have some binder clips left, and they are just adorable. 

I'll link them together into a bracelet, they even have a natural curve when attached together. And it fits perfectly!

Now what else can add to the outfit?

Step 5: Making a Pair of Earrings

How about a quick pair of earrings?

Hum, I can use these file folder labels and some paper clips! Not too bad really. I do like a good pair of hoop earrings, and they go perfectly with the new bracelet.

There is just a few minutes left before lunch, I wonder if I can whip up a quick purse...

Step 6: Designing and Making the Clutch Purse

I still have those tyvek envelopes, maybe I can weave a purse from strips of the envelope? It worked!

I used packing tape to seal the edges, and scraps from that pretty purple envelope and more packing tape to make a pretty accent for the clutch.

Time to go to lunch! I finished the accessories just in time! Back to the grind after lunch, I didn't get much "work" done this morning!

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    Cute idea! I could really have used this like a month ago when I wore the most uncomfortable shoes to work and by the time I got to work, I just couldn't wear them anymore! Nice job :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, I like this - Eric often says a good project tells a story.