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Introduction: Oil-Bubble Photos

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This is a very simple and fun project.

Chances are you already have everything in your household to complete it.

With the images you create today, you can have a beautiful homescreen on your smartphone or create a mesmerizing slide show on your computer.


Step 1: Ingredients

Camera & Tripod or Smartphone Camera


Plastic Film to protect your tablet

Glass Pan or Bowl

Colorful images


Vegetable Oil

Liquid Soap to disolve oil bubbles

Knife or stick to stir the oil.

(Optional: 2 blocks for leveling)

Step 2: Base Images

With your tablet, take photos of colorful scenes or objects.

I used striped blankets and color jigsaw puzzles; it could be flowers.

It's even better if the images are blurry.

Step 3: Set-up

Install your camera on a tripod or have your phone camera ready.

Place your tablet with a colorful picture on its screen (on the floor if using a DSLR)

Place a glass dish on top and pour water inside.

Pour a few drops of oil in the water and disperse at will.

Step 4: Shoot

Admire the patterns and take pictures.

To change the pattern:

Mix the oil,

Pour more oil,

Pour soap to disperse the bubbles/change their size,

Change your base image.

Step 5: Enjoy & Share!

If you follow this Instructable, post some of your photos: I'd love to see them!

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    This would be really nice as a computer wallpaper.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your comment. You are right: I use them as my phone background pictures too!

    nice vivid shots..thanks for sharing!