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Here is a quick and simple, but very effective instructable.  If you do your own oil changes on your vehicle, this will come in very handy.  It is extremely simple to build and will cost you next to nothing.


1 - Old plastice tupperware container or something similar
1 - Old fridge rack
1 - Piece of 3/4" plywood


Once you have gathered your materials, cut your piece of plywood to fit the plastic container with about and inch or two extra around the plastic container.  You may have to bend and cut your fridge rack to fit over the plastic container.  If you happen to find one like I did (see photos), drill a hole in each corner of the plywood to match the legs.  Place the plastic container on the plywood, fit the fridge rack over the container and push the legs into the holes.  If you can not find one like the one I used, you can simply put the rack on the container.  Either way will work.

Place your used oil filter on the rack and let it drain overnight.  It is amazing how much used oil comes out of these filters.  You can now recycle the filter and oil.  Hope this works for you.


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