Oil Soap

In this project, I had made soap with oil, water and NaOH, and it so easy.

I’m sure that everyone can do it.

Step 1:

Step 2: Calculate the NaOH That We Should Use It.

First looking for this reaction. In this Saponification

reaction show that we have to use 3 moles of NaOH to make an Irreversible reaction

then looking for the molecular weight of oil. In this formula, I use coconut oil and olive oil (12:8) because coconut oil is made soap has good cleaning and coconut oil can help to relieve dry skin.

molecular weight of coconut oil => 279.6

molecular weight of coconut oil => 330.5

let’s calculate

coconut oil 20 g. = 0.0715 mole

mole = mass (g.) / Molar mass (g./mol)

= 0.0715 x 40

= 2.8612

2.8612 x 3 = 8.58 g. (NaOH 8.58 g. per Oil 20 ml.)

Step 3: Prepare Ingredients.

- Coconut oil 12 g.

- Olive oil 8 g.

- NaOH 8.58 g.

- Water 15 ml.

- Beaker

- Stirring Rod

- Pot

- Hotplate

Step 4: Make It.

1. Add NaOH to water and stir.

2. Then pour it into a beaker of mixed oil.

3. Wait for 3 minutes (for Saponification).

4. Stewed it for 2 hours.

5. After that, put a soap out of the beaker and leave it for 2 days.

6. Done!!!



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    7 months ago

    Interesting to see, thank you for sharing :)