Ojisan in Hawaii

Introduction: Ojisan in Hawaii

I've made a kawaii LED clay ornament as shown in pic 2. When showing it around,  a friend of mine commented it doesn't have a strong impact. OK, he is a little bit far from his childhood. But a craft with an intense contrast can also be interesting. So teamed up with the friend who brought up different voice, we designed and made this piece. A foot of an Ojisan (a middle-aged man) who happened to wander around the beach of Hawaii.  

When you press his big toe, it will turn red and tremble because it hurts. But Ojisan likes the pain, so two flower aside bloom when pressed.

A liitle heavy... But let's move on to how to make one. 

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Step 1: Idea and Phase 1

I used to give out the part list in the first step. However, I am an impulse maker and changed it a lot when making it... So I write this tutorial chronologically.

Pic 1 is the idea sketch of this project. I want it to create some noise and light when its button pressed. The materials involved in this sketch are:

1. Grove - DC Jack Power
2. Grove - Branch
3. Grove - LED
4. Grove - Buzzer
5. Grove - Button

You can find them all in Grove - Mixer Pack.

Next, I hook them up like pic 2. But unfortunately I run out of Grove - Branch... and I want more LEDs! So I took a mini breadboard, some LEDs and some jumper wires to spice the project up. I routed the power from Grove - DC Jack Power onto the mini breadboard, and made 3 LEDs parallel. 

ONE THING to be aware of:
ALL actuators, LED x 3 and buzzer in our case, must be powered up through breadboard, cause there is one power output in the Grove - DC Jack Power. 

Now, I got its guts verified. So I moved on to make an outfit for it! YES, the foot of a Ojisan!

Step 2: Making the Foot's Structure

I found some PVC sheet on our cabinet. PVC is a kind of material shown in Pic 1.
I rolled it up like pic 2 and used book staples to fix it.

After that, I put the guts into the PVC roll and stuck the mini breadboard on the base with some adhesive tape. 

After that, time to mix some super light clay in the right color for the foot. I bought super light clay in red, yellow, blue, white and black. So I can mix any color I want. In pic 3 is the clay I prepared for the foot. 

Step 3: Shape It Up!

Put the clay to the foot little by little and carefully shape it up as a foot! 

Pic 1 is the outcome of this step. You can find the nail of big toe light up as well as two other LEDs aside. Besides them, the vibration motor in the PVC roll will vibrate when the button gets pressed.

Because there are some Grove cables and jumper wires outside of the PVC roll, so I rounded a paper belt to shield them from clay, as pic 2.

The nail of big toe is made of a piece of paper. After that, I covered some clay to it. In pic 3 I am very close to finish.

Step 4: Some Details

To make it more real, I continued to add some details onto it. 

Ojisan should have a hairy feet, so I decided to add some hair to it, like pic 1.

The foot look more real in pic 2.

Finally, the LEDs aside were stuck at the ankle in pic 3.


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