Old 32ch FPV Receiver to 40ch With Frequency Scanner




Hi. In this instruction I want to describe how to modify your old 32ch fpv reciver to 40ch with frequency scanner, race band and other cool functions.

First what we need it is fpv video reciver like RC805 or other. In this reciver should be installed proper 5.8 GHz module, like Boscam RX5808.

Next we need some few parts:

  1. Arduino pro mini
  2. 0.96 Inch 4Pin White IIC I2C OLED Display
  3. 3 Pin 5 Way Momentary Push Button
  4. Some thin wires (AWG 24-30)
  5. Solder Iron
  6. Rotary tool (Dremel)


Step 1: Open Reciver and Check

First of all we need to open reciver and check did we can modify it or no. It is necessary to take it apart and find the radio module. Almost all chinese FPV recivers build on RX5800 (5808, 5880) radio modules.

Next, gently unsolder a protective metal shield. Under the shield we see a chip, if it RCT6715 is what you need.

Step 2: SPI Mod

To control the receiver using the Arduino, we need to make a slight modification. It is necessary to remove the resistor on 7 chip leg. Just unsolder it, be careful not to hook the elements nearby.

Now return the metal shield back into place. Solder it to board.

Step 3: Arduino Flash

Now lets flash Arduino Pro mini. The simlest way it is use Arduino Nano as flasher to Arduino pro mini. Check wire diagram on picture.

After you prepare, connect your Arduino Nano to PC and launch arduino GUI. Use the attached files with firmware.

In the menu, select the correct port and the Arduino Nano as board.

Then press write.

After the firmware was flashed , disconnect from PC and unsolder wires.

You'll done.

Step 4: Installation

To begin with, lets soldered 5 Way Momentary Push Button. How to arrange the switch depends on where you placed the Arduino.

Let find a place to install the Arduino Pro mini. Attach it to the double-sided tape.

Next make hole for swith.

To control, we no longer need the standard buttons, we need to find the CH1-CH3 contacts on the RX module and cut trace from it. Always check what you do with multimeter.

Next, we need to connect the appropriate contacts from Arduino pro mini to receiver module. Connection diagram see in the picture.

Now lets install OLED display. I was designed case for it. You can download model below. Print case and put LCD into it. Solder wires to LCD. Solder 4 wires to lcd.

In order to accurate place a screen on the case and make holes for the bolts in the right place, print template. I fixed the template by double-sided tape. Cut hole for wires and drill the holes. Srew 3d printed case to reciver. Solde wires from LCD to Arduino using wire diagram.

Now asemble all together.

Step 5: Done !

Connect the receiver to the power supply. Enjoy with the result :)

I hope you enjoyed my guide. I would be grateful for your vote in the contest :))

This instruction based on the development of Shea Ivey. Big thanks to him for the excellent work.



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10 Discussions


1 year ago

how and where you connect wire from arduino to rx5808? on the photos it is not seen. thx

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Hi. Look carefully at the photos. You can see that the orange wire from Ch1 goes to D10 pin, green Ch2 to D11 and yelow Ch3 to D12. Blue RSSI to A6 on arduino. And two more power wire


2 years ago

Nice Job!!

I am trying to mount this reciever in a 7" screen. do you happen to have the pinout for the AV1 out and AV2 out? I want to connect the AV1 and AV2 directly to the board of the 7" screen. Having trouble which leads are the video signal.

Again nice Job!!

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

The video outs are connected the 3.5mm, use a multimeter to find the one you are looking for. I have connected this Rx to a small monitor before this instructable so it should be the same.


Reply 2 years ago

These 2 AV out from the RC805 board. Having trouble locating the video leads. If you can help that would be great. Thanks.

RC805 board.JPG

2 years ago

In the schematic picture, there are some resistors. Do you need those too? Let me know because I am ordering parts for it now and I want to order that with the rest of the parts. Thanks.


1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Hi. This resistor didn't necesary. But system will work OK with or without it.


2 years ago

pleace send me exacthow you did this ,and some aditional info also,over the last days weeks you have used it.

i am blown away from this super awesome WINNER project.

you get 3 fotes from us

amazing amazingggggg did i say freeking AMAZINGGGGGGGG

thank you.dude WTF, AMAZING i got 1 and i want 1. so pleace lets help eachother gr from Holland

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks. Happy that you like my instruction. Exactly which questions interest you? Write me PM.


Reply 2 years ago

every body

FOTE, for this.

believe me this wil be a IBLE,that explodes here wait and see.

thanx from a proud fpv user