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The lamp dimension: Diameter 12 centimeters x Height 8 centimeters. (Different models, may have different size) The lamp shade dimension: Diameter 8 centimeters x Height 20 centimeters.

The idea started when I saw a broken turbo parts. So I look around, and saw the bearing housing, it’s the part that between the compressor housing and turbine housing. This one is Garrett turbo for diesel engine. Different model will be different size and all the parts are very tightly bolted in. It takes time to take it apart, due to many small parts connected together. After that you clean the bearing housing. It looks like the base of something. Then, I think that it can be the lamp base.

This LED lamp’s project use reuse materials.

Supplies that you need to do the “Old Bearing Housing LED Lamp” project.

1. Bearing housing.

2. Wood (I used old teak wood) or any kinds.

3. LED electrical set that included the controller and adapter.

4. Switch and wires.

5. All purpose glue, electrical tape or heat shrink tube, and scotch tape.

6. Plastic container.

7. Adjustable metal hose clamp.

8. Coconut oil (cold pressed)

Step 1: Get Bearing Housing Ready

Cleaning the bearing housing and need to unbolt the round flat base out from the upper part. Because you need to take the tubular metal core in the center out, If not you can’t wire inside the bearing housing at all. Next you need to look, if you can see through the holes. If not you need to drill to make a hole.

Step 2: Make the Wood Plates

Do the wood end plates, one for the switch in the front, and other wood plate at the back for the wires to go through. You need to trace the oval shape for the wood plate and make sure that it the same size and also mark the bolt holes. That wood thickness need to be thicker then the depth of the switch. Make sure that the front of the switch comes out, because you need to screw the thin nut in the front. For the back wood plate, do the same thing as the front, but a little smaller and thinner. Then drill the hole in the center for the wires to come out.

Step 3: Make the Lamp Shade

The lamp shade, I used cookie plastic bottle. First you need to clean the clear plastic bottle, get the label and other off. Next you need to make the inside of the clear plastic bottle into frosted, in this case I use sand blasted. After that make a hole at the bottom and also the cap as well. Maybe same size or bigger than the hole in the bearing housing metal cap. Then you need to use all purpose glue, glue the plastic cap to the bottom of the bottle and glue the bearing housing metal cap to the plastic cap. Let it dry.

Step 4: The Wiring

The wiring needs to be done at this step. First the wires need to be able to go to both end of the bearing housing. The wires must enter from the back end plate (The plate that have center hole) and connected to the switch and go to the top part of the bearing housing for the LED light, which is the square plate. You can use the two sides tape to attach the LED light to the top part of the bearing housing, I just use clear scotch tape on the LED light and tape in round the base. The LED light controller needs to be at the back of the wood plate. This step takes time to wire, soldering all wires and put heat shrink tube in all wires. Then you need to test the LED light, if it working.

Step 5: Glue Wood Plates, Apply Coconut Oil, and Put the Shade

You need to glue the wood plates and put the bolts into the switch wood plate and the back wood plate, (where the wires come out.) Let it dry, then you apply some coconut oil (cold pressed) on to both of the wood plates, to make it shine. The last thing is to put the frosted plastic bottle on to the top part of the bearing housing and use the metal hose clamp to lock in place.

Note: Make sure that not too tight, because the frosted plastic bottle will crack.

Special Thanks to; Mr. Sakorn, Mr. O

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    2 years ago

    Excellent! I love your design! I also like that you used multicolored leds so you can change your lamp color whenever you feel like it.

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