Old Brass Rusty Revived Into a Sweet Candy Coated Lamp

Introduction: Old Brass Rusty Revived Into a Sweet Candy Coated Lamp

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This is a quick and easy way to revive a not-so-cool, old brass lamp into a Sweet Candy Coated Lamp.  


Clean the entire fixture, remove all dust and dirt.  A damp towel with a couple of drops of dish soap or degreaser works fine. 
Final clean with wax and grease remover and dry. (Paper Towels / Clean Rags)  
I masked off the interior side of lamp's reflectors. (light reflects best with white or silver) 
The rust on this project added a very cool effect and I think is the best part, more rust the better.

Spray Tips
Shake Can for at least 2 minutes. 
Spray Can Temperature 70'F / warm is much better than cold!
Piece to be Painted Temperature 60'F / warmer the better.

First Coat is a very light Tack Coat. If you were painting a newspaper. You would want to still be able to read the print... very light coat. This is the foundation of every paint job and gives the Second Coat something to stick to, preventing any runs or sags

The goal with the Candy Anodized Paint is a transparent finish (Effect Coat) applied over the existing base color in this case, Brass, Rusty Lamp.  

Second Coat can be applied once the First Tack Coat has had a few minutes to set-up. Tacky to the touch, when paint strings between your finger and surface you're ready to go!

You want to keep a uniform finish over the entire surface and each coat should be evenly sprayed / applied. (Try not to overlap.)

Applying a Third Coat and additional coats is optional.

Use the same technique as described above for each additional coat. If you get runs or sags, it looks cool too, adding another effect! 

I sprayed 2 to 3 coats over the lamp to get the effect pictured.  

The pictures are pretty close to actual color.

The Red Anodize over the brass pops and adds a really cool effect! 
I tried the Blue Anodize over the brass,  it didn't work, Yellow, Purple possibilities are endless...

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