Old Card Made Into Guitar Picks

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Intro: Old Card Made Into Guitar Picks

make a free guitar pick. with a single dunlop pick npw around $0.75 oys rediculas $1.50 for 2 pics...no thank you. also look up homemeade finger pics. ive seen cool homemade ones out of strips of cards. this is a simple trace, cut and sand.

Step 1: Trace, Cut, Sand, Play...

just take marker and any pic. i prefer the dunlop turtles. Trave as many pics as can fit on a card. Try to cut perfect(the sandind will fix this problem). Sand down rge pick to your smoothness and liking. sand smooth (I prefer sanding blocks and wet sanding (I used 180 fine 3M block)) . Make sure no sgarp points. Shred that axe or play your ol lady a live song....DONE



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    Reply 2 years ago

    after sanding naul oilush does the rruck ti make em look,feel and play just like a store bought outrageous 75c +tax at musuc pantry(we gave no guitar center here ?)