Old Console TV to a Bar





Introduction: Old Console TV to a Bar

This is my first instructable, and I apologise, I did not take pictures of the entire process, I did not think to about posting to instructables, but next time I will.

My father's bar is an old 1920's wooden ice chest that has been refinished. My older brother has laid claim to that particular inheritance some 20 odd years into the future. I however have wanted my own original awesome cool bar to call my own and have my kids fight over whose inheritance it is. Enter the Brother-in-Law.
My Brother-in-Law had this old console TV from the 50's that he had planned to "rebuild" in his apartment for years. His cats use it as a scratching post and it that has been about its life. When he was moving out of his apartment he asked if I wanted it and my immediate thought was build a bar!

I wanted to keep it as TV like as possible, that meant keeping the glass and tv knobs etc. It took a little hacking and engineering, but I am happy with the results. Forgive the pictures, it looks so much better in person. Also the goal was to keep costs low as possible.

Since this is my first instructable, I will probably have to edit the details more as time goes on. Please forgive any inaccuracies, spelling, or general ingnorance on my part.

Step 1: Tear It Down!

So I took out the 'lectronic guts, tubes, speaker, spiders, and old mouse droppings...  Removed a lot of screws...

The Parts list as far as I remember
Set of Soss invisible hinges from Woodcraft. $26
Set of hinges for wine rack door. Free on hand
Brass chain for shelf/liquor cab access. Free on hand
Black paint 10 bucks
Lots of wood putty 5 bucks
Extra plywood to add to drop shelf/access door free on hand
Wood glue free on hand
Grill gloth $15
Oak wood for win rack. Free - pallet wood.

Step 2: Take It Outside!

Ok, the dust portion of the show started. I had to move it ouside lest we die of dust inhalation.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Added Wine Rack,Painted black, LED's, Mirrors, (and not in picture, white Christmas lights.) And most importantly, Single Malt Scotch.

Step 4: All Done!

It was a fun project. I have my next project in mind, maybe one of those 1970's record player big long consoles would make a good bar and mp3 player dock stereo system. When I find one at a garage sale, I will take more pictures of the creation process.



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    Very cool! I did a similar project a few years ago, but used a picture in the front. Had a glass frame where I could slide in an image of a '60s tv show. Had three or four different slides. I like the LED idea. Used the bottom for a stereo speaker, your wine rack is better thought out. Those cases sure were built solid!
    Good work and excellent instructable.

    wow. I love it! I come across so much old stuff... I wonder what I could do with a computer from 1998.

    Incredible reconstruction of the cabinet. It's beautiful. BRAVO.!!!

    i wish i had one of those, itd be the perfect all in one mini pc enclosure

    Awesome I have a old TV cabinet that I haven't figured out what to do with yet.

    Ohhh, I like the TV... I want a tv like that to play with. I love that you can close it up, and it just looks like a piece of furniture. I like your solution for the LED's too, more colors. Mine, isn't quite as cozy. (http://alpinebutterfly.blogspot.com/2008/01/recycled-tv-bar.html)

    This is pretty sweet! I think you've got enough photos to really expand this into a pretty decent how-to. For starters, you might want to swap our your main photo in your intro to one that shows the piece opened up, revealing its new function. (Your first photo in step three would be great.)

    I personally love seeing projects like this. Keep it up!

    2 replies

    Thanks for the comment, I will do that! And I love your Cap Shield! I am such a fanboy, squee!

    Ha, ha! It's sitting in my garage, gathering dust. I won a sweet laptop bag for it, though!